microban-pullAlex Howe of Allegion sent me today’s Fixed-it Friday photo of a piece of hardware he recently saw on a restroom door.  Although I have never seen this product before, the Microban cover on the pull made it pretty easy to track down.

It’s designed to keep the pull handle clean, by automatically changing the disposable cover each time the pull is used.  It is also available as a horizontally-mounted product that’s more like a traditional lockset (but looks like the product in the photo).

Along with the potential germ-avoidance benefits I thought about some potential issues…would building occupants know how to use it?  Will facilities replace the cartridge of covers and the batteries, and what about the waste generated?  Is it aesthetically-pleasing enough for architects to specify it?

The other thing is…if someone leaves the bathroom without washing their hands, and you avoid contact with their germs because of the plastic, what about the next thing that person touches?  I can’t imagine that every door handle in the facility would be of this type.

I’m not being a Negative Nelly…I’m a big fan of innovation and I like to avoid germs if possible. (Please wash your hands, people!)  I’m just wondering if anyone has experience with this product or something similar.  If you do, tell us about it in the reply box!

There’s a Youtube video here that explains how the product works.  Thank you to everyone who told me about the misspelling in the video, but it’s not my video so I can’t fix it.  I appreciate that you all have my back though!  🙂

As always, let’s keep our comments constructive. 

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