Kenton Straughn of Walsh Door & Hardware / Electronic Security posted this Fixed-it Friday photo on LinkedIn, and gave me permission to share it here (this is not the work of the Walsh technicians!)…


This is the perfect image to reinforce why it’s so important to coordinate the electrified hardware / access control in advance.  I have to admit – I learned this lesson the hard way, when I specified electric latch retraction hardware on a university project and was not told that the system would not be “powered up” for several months.  I don’t usually specify mechanical dogging on electric latch retraction panic hardware, because the mechanical dogging can override the access control system and leave the opening vulnerable.  But without mechanical dogging, the university didn’t have any way to leave the doors unlocked to allow access to the building.  Oops.

I’m guessing that’s not what happened with the installation pictured in this photo, but it brought back memories of the phone call from the facility manager on my university project.  :\

Any tips for proper coordination of these products?  Share them in the reply box!

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