In addition to yesterday’s applied panels, which qualified as Fixed-it Friday photos, here are a few more applications from the conference center where I’m spending one more night.  If you’re in Orlando and saw any Fixed-it Friday doors during your stay, send them along!

Remember when I was recently talking about continuous hinges on fire doors?  I don’t think these doors are fire doors – they don’t have latching hardware, but this pair proves that an installer could be inclined to leave space at the top when installing a continuous hinge, creating a gap that might affect the performance of the door:

Cont Hinge 1  Cont Hinge 2

I noticed that this door was cracked near the concealed closer arm, so I thought maybe it was installed without a door stop.  Then I realized that it did indeed have a stop…the fire alarm strobe:

Fire Alarm

These main doors to the exhibit hall were obviously retrofitted with access control.  I doubt the architect who chose the original full-height pulls was consulted for an opinion on the retrofit:

Exhibit Hall 1

Exhibit Hall 2  Exhibit Hall 3

I’m no sprinkler expert, but I doubt this molding/sprinkler head coordination was pre-planned:

Sprinkler Head

I was taking this photo to point out that the overhead stops should have been dark bronze finish instead of satin chrome/stainless, but then I realized that this exit discharge door does not lead to the public way as required for a means of egress:

Landscape Exit 1

Landscape Exit 2

In fact, virtually all of the main exit doors from the exhibit hall led to a patio without a code-compliant path to the public way:

Patio 1

Patio 2

And finally…what’s the point of installing a door closer on a hotel room door if it’s not adjusted to have the proper closing speed and control?  I could have lost a leg!

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