When panels or trim (AKA plant-ons) are applied to fire doors, manufacturers have specific limitations on size, material, and means of attachment.  I just finished teaching 6 sessions of Code Jeopardy along with my Allegion coworkers Tim Weller & TJ Gottwalt, and I was surprised by the doors on our classroom.

They are hollow metal fire doors (note the painted label below).  They were originally installed as flush doors with one concealed vertical rod device and one mortise device (note the open back strike below).  At some point, a thin wood panel with a metal edge was added to the entire pull side of each door, and 2 wood panels were added to the push side of each door.  The push-side panels are different sizes because of the access control hardware, and at this point the panels have somewhat separated from the face of the door, despite the use of fasteners AND adhesive.

I would be surprised if any fire door manufacturer gave permission for this work to be done.  What do you think?

Pull Side  Push Side


Label  Edge

Meeting Stiles  Open Back Strike 2

Open Back Strike  Panel Mismatch

Panel  Screw


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