Photo: State.NJ.US

Photo: State.NJ.US

Several states have introduced school security bills in recent legislative sessions, but none of them (so far) have addressed all of the physical security required to keep students and teachers safe at school.  When a comprehensive school security bill becomes state law, it’s very likely that it will be duplicated in other states.

New Jersey Assembly Bill 3348 is the best I’ve seen yet, but does it go far enough?  The current text of the bill can be accessed here, and this is a synopsis from the Security Industry Association’s State and Local Policy Subcommittee:


Requires certain school security measures to be incorporated in architectural design of new school construction and certain school security measures for existing buildings.

Noteworthy Sections:

In the case of new school construction undertaken by a district or the development authority…..shall provide in the architectural design for the new construction:

(7)   interior door locks on spaces that will serve as safe havens during lockdowns shall have a keyless locking mechanism;

(8)   new school buildings shall be provided with access control systems which allow for remote locking and unlocking of all building access doors; and

In the case of new school construction undertaken by a district or the development authority, and in the case of existing school buildings, a district or the development authority, as applicable, shall:

(8) utilize an access control system with remote unlocking features, an intercom, and fixed cameras at the school’s main entrance and for other entrances as funding permits;

(16) use surveillance cameras as a target-hardening tool;

(17) provide a dedicated server and generator for security systems, such as access control and surveillance cameras, in order to secure information and ensure efficient operation in an emergency;

(18) use ballistic or shatter resistant film for glass entrance door sidelights and other vulnerable first floor areas;


02/22/2016 Introduced, Referred to Assembly Education Committee
03/03/2016 Reported out of Assembly Comm. with Amendments, 2nd Reading

Remember…these requirements could eventually be incorporated into your state’s school security legislation.  What additions or changes would you like to see?

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