Memory Care Mural

I think if I passed this Fixed-it Friday door while visiting this memory care unit my mind would have gone right to the NFPA 101 section that addresses exits disguised by murals in health care units.  Maybe I wouldn’t have focused on the actual artwork, but as Gail Erickson of Allegion pointed out when she sent the photo (“I wonder how many times the alarm goes off when they go to get a cup of tea?”), what is depicted in the mural could affect how well the disguise works.  If the artist had included cookies or cake, the incidence of false alarms might be even more frequent.

I have received several questions lately about this type of application – keep in mind that this section was added in the 2015 edition of NFPA 101, and technically only applies to facilities in jurisdictions where this code has been adopted.  Also – when using a printed adhesive film on a fire door (instead of paint), the film should be listed for use on a fire door assembly unless the door manufacturer tells you otherwise.


If you see a good Wordless Wednesday or Fixed-it Friday application, or any other interesting or beautiful doors, send me a photo!  You can upload photos by clicking Submit Photos on the Tools menu above, or you can email me directly.

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