You may have to look at these Fixed-it Friday photos for a few minutes to get the gist of what’s happening.  These are double-egress pairs in a hotel I stayed in recently.  Instead of using a double-egress frame so the doors were in the same plane, each door was mounted on the opposite side of a double-rabbet frame.  That would have left a big gap between the doors at the center, so a filler had been attached to one door which filled the gap, with gasketing for the other door to close against.  I’ve never seen a double-egress pair like this before, and yes – they were fire doors.  Oh – and each door has a rim panic latching into nothing.  And…the doors were not labeled for use with fire exit hardware.

Who approved this???

Doors Closed

Doors Open

Filler at Head

Filler Between Doors  Filler with Doors Closed Filler from the Other side

Panic Latch


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