I’ve shared several news stories about high school students designing barricade devices (here’s one, here’s another), but now the Air Force Research Lab has joined the effort.  Sadly, this “innovation” probably won’t stop until a tragedy occurs.

WPAFB researchers say it could protect individuals from active shooter situations – Xenia Gazette

Air Force Lock

Photo courtesy of WPAFB – A lock developed by researchers at WPAFB could help in active shooter situations.

An Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) project team at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has developed potentially life-saving portable door locks that could be easily placed on doors in a matter of seconds during an active shooter situation, thereby providing an extra level of security until first responders arrive at the scene to take control of the situation.

Researchers efforts were part of the 2015 AFRL Commanders Challenge held in June at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Butlerville, Ind..

The team’s mission was to demonstrate new ways to deal with an active shooter scenario and each of the four teams competing was given six months and a limited budget to take their ideas from concept to an operational system that could be demonstrated for leaders across the Air Force and judges at the Commanders Challenge.

You can read the whole article here.

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