The Ohio Senate will likely vote on the state budget bill sometime this week, which now includes the bill that would allow barricade devices to be used in classrooms, and prohibits the fire code from prohibiting the devices.  I believe that this bill will endanger the students and teachers of Ohio, and could motivate legislators in other states to get involved in similar code development issues.

I hope the Ohio legislators understand the ramifications of approving this bill (delayed evacuation, potential for unauthorized use, no access for staff and emergency responders), but that will be difficult now that the bill is part of the budget bill; the state’s budget deadline is quickly approaching.  In order for them to carefully consider this bill, it would make sense to remove it from the budget bill and revisit it after the Ohio Board of Building Standards announces their decision on July 24th.

If you live and/or work in Ohio, it is not too late to talk to the state legislators in your district(s).  If you call their offices, you may be able to talk to them directly or get an email address.  The Door Security and Safety Foundation has compiled some information that might be helpful to send along with your concerns (you can download it here).

Search for your Ohio senator here, or your Ohio representative here (member search on the bottom left), and include the bill number in your correspondence (House Bill 114, Senate Bill 125).

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