This Wordless Wednesday photo illustrates what happens when the original locking hardware no longer works and someone is looking for a cheaper solution than repairing or replacing it.  The IBC allows key-operated locks in some locations – do you think this lock is compliant with the language below if the required signage is included?  And for extra credit, who knows what kind of lock this is?  🙂

1010.1.9.3 (2) In buildings in occupancy Group A having an occupant load of 300 or less, Groups B, F, M and S, and in places of religious worship, the main door or doors are permitted to be equipped with key-operated locking devices from the egress side provided:
2.1. The locking device is readily distinguishable as locked.
2.2. A readily visible durable sign is posted on the egress side on or adjacent to the door stating: THIS DOOR TO REMAIN UNLOCKED WHEN THIS SPACE IS OCCUPIED. The sign shall be in letters 1 inch (25 mm) high on a contrasting background.
2.3. The use of the key-operated locking device is revokable by the building official for due cause.

Yellow Lock 2

Yellow Lock 1

These were posted on the Truck Floor Training Facebook page by Jhonnatan Morales, and are re-posted here with his permission.

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