I’m working on an article for a print publication, that covers the some of the common code issues affecting schools and mistakes that may be made – particularly in the rush to secure a school against an intruder.  The topics I’ve included are:

  • access via main entrance doors
  • emergency egress doors
  • securing classroom doors
  • bathroom doors
  • assembly spaces
  • panic hardware locations
  • fire door requirements
  • safety glazing

What I’m looking for are decent photos of good or bad applications related to school safety / school security.  Doors that are locked inappropriately, fire door assembly requirements that are not being met, “creative” solutions that inhibit egress.  Since I can not use photos from manufacturers of the retrofit school security products, it would be very helpful if I had actual photos of these products from a school that you may have seen in your travels. 

If you can help, please email photos to me asap!  If you’ve sent me a photo in the past that you think will work, remind me and I’ll search through the thousands of photos on this site to find it.  If you think there are additional topics I should include, I’m all ears!


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