When we talk about school security / school safety we bring different perspectives to the table.  Many of us are parents or grandparents of children in school.  Some are educators or administrators, or those responsible for designing, securing, or maintaining school buildings.  Others are first responders or code officials.  In a recent edition of the Washington Post there was an article giving a teacher’s prespective on school lockdown…

Classroom LockRemember that activity when we all get in the closet and pretend we’re not even there, so our principal can’t find us?” I choose my words carefully as I prep my pre-kindergarten students for the lockdown drill scheduled for that afternoon. These drills have become routine at Arlington elementary schools, and at schools across the country. After the latest school shooting, on Oct. 24 in Washington state, schools will no doubt be running through drills yet again. What can we do about all these shootings?, teachers ask each other. Lock the doors, we’re told, and assume the worst is coming.

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Photo: Michael A. Schwarz/For the Washington Post

Thank you to Keith Nelsen of Lindquist Security Technologies for sending me the link to this article.

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