There are 3 educational opportunities coming up, but you have to act fast!


Fire Door Test Video

In support of Fire Door Safety Week, BM TRADA live-streamed a fire door test yesterday to show the crucial role played by fire doors in saving lives.  The test is available to view on demand for only 1 week!  The 30-minute fire resistance test showed two identical fire doors subjected to a prolonged period of fire.  One of the doors was correctly specified and installed, while the other dramatically demonstrates what can happen when mistakes are made.  The test shows the significant difference in fire resistance between the two doors, highlighting the importance of correct specification and installation and clearly demonstrating why a door must be adequately maintained throughout its life.  Click here for some additional information about the test results from BM TRADA, and click here to access the video.….


Access Control Training

Allegion Webinar Thursday, September 18th , 2014 from 2:00PM -3:00 PM EST

Code Compliant Access Control Solutions for Fire Doors

The inherent conflict of maintaining a secure building while providing safe emergency egress is an ever growing challenge. Understanding complex fire codes, changing building uses and ADA laws can be difficult, yet is critical to life safety. This webinar is the first in a series by Allegion that will highlight challenging applications you face every day, the code implications and compliant solutions. We will begin with several scenarios in commercial office building where access control is need on a fire door. We will discuss important code considerations for fire doors and provide wiring diagrams and hardware specifications for several code compliant solutions. Register today spots are limited.

Online Decoded Course – The Center for Campus Fire Safety

I will be conducting my next Decoded course on behalf of The Center for Campus Fire Safety, and the first class is tomorrow!  Classes will be held once per week for 4 weeks, and I will cover the accessibility, egress, and fire code requirements related to door openings, including the requirements for electrified hardware.  Classes will be recorded so if you have to miss one you can go back and view it later.  Click here for more information about the course.  If you are an Allegion employee, you can email me directly for a registration link.


Thank you to Mark Saulnier of the NC Department of Health and Human Services for sharing the information about the BM TRADA test!

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