We spent a few hours in the Fez medina today.  There are beautiful doors EVERYWHERE!  Here are a few…

From the Bou Inania Madrasa, an Islamic school that was built in the 1300’s!

Fez 1

Fez 2

Fez 3

Fez 4

This beautiful door is in a gorgeous renovated riad:

Fez 5

This door is super-skinny…at the other end of the spectrum from the gigantic doors…

Fez 6

Some Moroccan doors have two knockers to protect the modesty of the women.  If someone uses the knocker that’s mounted higher on the door, the woman inside will know that it’s a man, and will make sure she’s properly dressed.

Fez 7

Fez 8

I don’t remember seeing this hinge design in other Moroccan cities.  It is patterned after the Hand of Fatima, which is thought to protect people from the Evil Eye.

Fez 9

We went door shopping.  How do you say “kid in a candy store” in Arabic?

Fez 10

Fez 11

Coming up tomorrow…Wordless Wednesday, Moroccan style!

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