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Apr 16 2013

Boston Public Library

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Many of you know that I live just outside of Boston and I consider the city my home (and I really appreciate those of you who emailed me to make sure I was ok).  I love this city, the architecture, the history, the vibe given off by the people.  For me, downtown Boston isn’t an area to be avoided because of traffic, crime, or parking difficulties.  It’s a place I frequent – with my family and friends, for work, or on my own.  I have never worried about my safety.

I was on the marathon route yesterday with my kids, watching for our friends who were running the 26.2 miles.  It was a gorgeous day for both runners and spectators, and we had so much fun cheering for the thousands of runners who passed us.  Norah had free reign to yell as loud as she wanted, as long as she could, so it was a great day for her.  We saw the beloved father and son team – Dick and Rick Hoyt, members of the military marching in full gear, teams raising money for charities, runners with guides to help because they were blind, cancer survivors, and so many other inspirational participants including a man sitting backward in his wheelchair, pushing himself with his feet for the entire marathon.

Some of my closest friends and their families were within a block of the explosions when they occurred.  My friend finished the marathon just 10 minutes before, reaching his goal of running it in less than 4 hours as he raised money for Children’s Hospital.  They were swept along by the running, screaming crowds, without knowing why.  All but two from their group met at the predetermined meeting spot, an hour later they received news that the other two were safe.  The city was in gridlock as they tried to drive the 20 miles home, with no cell service and little news.  The horror of the situation became clear as we got the video, photos, and details (sometimes erroneous) from television and social media.

Thankfully, all of my friends and family are safe, but we mourn for those who were injured and who died, their families, and those of us who will think of this tragedy each time we see a runner, just as I think of 9/11 when I see that particular shade of cloudless blue sky.

Last fall I took the specwriter apprentices and other specwriters who were here for a workshop on a field trip to Boston, and we walked along the street where the explosions occurred.  We visited the beautiful bronze doors at the Boston Public Library (just behind the viewing stands at the marathon finish line), and I planned to come back when the doors were all closed so I could take better photos.  Instead, I will share these from the Boston Public Library’s collection.  The doors were created by Daniel Chester French (completed in 1904), and each door weighs 1500 pounds. The allegorical figures, modeled in low relief, represent Music and Poetry (left), Knowledge and Wisdom (center), and Truth and Romance (right).

Boston Public Library

Music and Poetry

Knowledge and Wisdom

Truth and Romance

Photo: Boston Public Library

9 Responses to “Boston Public Library”

  1. Eric says:

    I’m certainly glad that you, your family and friends are OK. It is a horrible tragedy and we can only hope that they catch the terrorist that did this. He/she is certainly a terrorist whether foreign or domestic.
    My thoughts go out to the victims and their families. Hopefully they are able to gather enough pictures and surveillance footage to find the @$$hole that did this. It’s unfortunate that our justice system doesn’t allow equal punishment for the crime. I’d like to see the person put back on the street in front of all of those that were affected by this and allow them to issue punishment as they see fit. That may seem barbaric, but so was the crime.

  2. Jodie Meyers says:

    Lori, I am glad you and your family and friends are safe! It broke my heart to hear of this terrible tragedy and my thoughts are with the victims and their families. I have been to Boston several times and I love the city. Actually, I just noticed I am drinking coffee out of the cup my daughter was given when we were up there several years ago for a fast pitch softball tournament. I made my Facebook bird of the day post today the Black-capped Chickadee dedicated to the Massachusetts State Bird. Jodie

  3. Nolan Thrope says:

    I am so happy that you are safe. I have another friend that was there and he too is safe. It was a horrible tragedy. WHY?????

    • Lori says:

      That’s the impossible question – why? The kids are asking and I have to be careful to give them answers that won’t make them afraid to go places and do things. Norah immediately said, “Well, we’re not going to Boston again – that’s for sure.” 🙁

  4. Scott Tice says:

    Beautiful building!!!! Love to go back some day.

  5. Sam Maglitto says:

    Hi Lori,

    Thank you for sharing your experience, and especially the nice memories of Boston. I come from Melbourne Australia, and when we heard the news over here, we were all greatly saddened by the news. Terrorism is becoming an all too often occurrence around the world, and it always seems to affect mostly the innocent and all those associated. I was disgusted by the cowardly actions of these gutless wonders, and although they may be brought to justice I still feel they cannot undo the great harm they have caused to all the victims and families and wider communities. Too much innocent blood has been spilled in vain for terrible causes rooted in evil.

    I am glad you and your family were not physically hurt, however, I do feel we were all emotionally hurt.

    Thanks again for sharing some of the wonderful buildings and aspects of Architecture they were breath taking, and as Boston is one of Melbourne’s sister cities It’s great to see some positive aspects of it.

    Best of luck, and keep the posts coming. I have recently subscribed to your blog and I have been involved with Architectural Door Hardware for 19 years now, so I am totally immersed in doors and door hardware here in Australia. I work for a great company called Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies (Parent Companies in the USA) and our thoughts and best wishes extend to our American colleagues who have been touched by Boston’s tragedy.

    • Lori says:

      Thanks Sam. I agree…the damage is done but finding those responsible will hopefully help with the healing. I’m glad you found my site – make sure to tell all of our IRST coworkers and customers in Australia about it!

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