My husband has grown accustomed to me yelling, “Stop the car!” when I see a door of interest.  We actually had to circle the block and come back to this one in Nashville, Tennessee.  Judging from the entrance, I thought there might be some nice doors…I couldn’t process what I was seeing in time to get him to pull over.  This is not code-compliant, people!  The elevator door was purty though.

Church Entrance  Church Storefront a

Church Doors a  Church Elevator a

These doors are on a church in downtown Boston…they look like they’ve been recently refurbished.  Nice job – except for the door stops!  Yuck!  For all of you Eagle-Eyes, the pull was on a different door at the same church.

Church Pair  Church Pull

Church Hinge a

Church Door Stop

When the specwriter apprentices came to Boston for a specwriting workshop, I took them on a field trip to one of my old projectsTrinity Church.  No, I wasn’t the specwriter on the ORIGINAL construction project!  Some of you may remember that Trinity Church is where the first door closer was installed, but alas, we did not see any of the original closers.  We asked if they had any in the archives and I almost keeled over when the woman in the bookstore told me that they had been using one to hold open the storage room door!  It turned out that they were using an old potbelly.

The undercroft was once a rabbit-warren of low-ceiling storage rooms and corridors.  It is now a beautiful function space.  The large glass panels beside the swinging doors pivot to allow flow from one space to the next.



The original hardware on this secondary exit has been deactivated, but left in place:


Exit   Knob

Dead Bolt

This pair is too narrow to meet the requirements for clear width, but the AHJ allowed it to remain:

Narrow Pair   Cremone Bolt Turn Handle   Interior

I’m doing some spring cleaning so more photos to come!

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