This amazing lock is not related to the Bok Tower, but was created by Samuel Yellin.

Following up on my last post about the beautiful brass door on the Bok Tower, I promised to post some photos of the wrought iron gates and bridges over the moat surrounding the tower.  The gates and bridges were also created by Samuel Yellin, the renowned metalworker who created the brass door.

I was curious about the work of Samuel Yellin so I did a little research and was surprised to learn that Samuel Yellin Metalworkers is still in operation, under the direction of Clare Yellin, granddaughter of Samuel.  The Forge has been in continuous operation for 99 years!  I guess I’ll have to stop in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, the next time I’m driving by.

There are plenty of photos of Yellin’s amazing work on the History page of

Here are some photos of Bok Tower, as well as the gates and bridges, and coming from the cold and snowy north I couldn’t resist posting a few of the flowers that I was surprised to find in full bloom!

I love this quote, which was originally attributed to Edward Bok’s grandmother:




Here are a few more cool doors and gates from around the gardens:


An ooooooold closer for Jess:

And some of the many flowers blooming around the gardens:

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