The good news…I’m on my way to Las Vegas for CoNEXTions 2012!  The bad news…our flight lost a hydraulic system and we had to land in Denver.  There’s a replacement plane but it is larger and requires an extra flight attendant, who had to be called in from home.  I’m sure he’s not a happy camper right now.  I will get there eventually, but while I’m waiting, here’s another photo that left me Wordless.

This one is for the hard core hardware people…I’ll attempt to explain the situation below for everyone else, but at some point it becomes more trouble than it’s worth to try to figure it out.  The issue came to light in a “my closer’s not working right” service call.

For anyone who’s wondering “what’s wrong with this picture?”…what you’re looking at is a parallel arm door closer shoe, with a coordinator mounted on it.  A coordinator is used on pairs of doors to coordinate the door leaves so the correct door closes first.  This is a common application when automatic flush bolts are used, because the inactive leaf must be closed first, so the active leaf can close and project the automatic flush bolts.

The bar-type coordinator mounts under the frame head, and there are special mounting brackets for use with parallel arm closers, so the closer can be mounted after the coordinator without interfering with its function.  These were installed improperly, and it’s obvious why the closer isn’t working right.

I told you it might not be that funny by the time I finished the long explanation!  It’s kind of like “you had to be there.”  But I know that some of my hardware peeps are giggling like schoolgirls right now.  😀

Thanks to Andy Lindenberg of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies for knowing this would make my day!

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