When I first started working for the New England agency representing LCN back in 1994 (MPS Sales), LCN used to print an annual calendar showing their door closers in action.  Well, I don’t know about you but it has been quite a few years since I have hung a calendar on the wall, and printed promotional calendars seem to have gone out of vogue.  I miss looking at the photos on those old LCN calendars though.

For 2012, LCN has created monthly calendar images that can be downloaded and used as desktop wallpaper or printed and hung on the wall (or the fridge, or anywhere else you need a calendar).  On each month’s calendar, a “Promo Day” is identified – your chance to win a prize from the Ingersoll Rand Prize Vault.  Starting at 11 a.m. EST on January 23rd (this month’s Promo Day), the first 25 people to email TheRealDeal@irco.com (use LCN Promo as the subject) will receive a free LCN Real Deal hat!  Include something you love about LCN in your email and the favorite email will be rewarded with a free 4040XP closer!

So, what do you love about LCN?  Here’s what I love…

1) THE PEOPLE!  I have been to LCN several times and there are so many great people that work there – both in the office and in the manufacturing facility.  They have a real passion for what they do, and it shows!  I have asked for more than my share of favors over the years and they haven’t disappointed me yet.

2) Special Templates.  As a specwriter, I’m always running into the crazy applications architects dream up.  It’s reassuring to know that when I call LCN Tech Support they almost always have a special template for my situation.  My favorite is ST-1895.  I just think it’s amazing that someone dreamed up this application and will actually manufacture it.

3) Powder Coating.  When I visited the plant, I thought the powder coating line was very cool, and powder coating provides an extremely durable finish.  I especially like having almost 200 “custom” powder coat colors to choose from, so the closers can be powder coated to match the door color at a very reasonable price.  I also like the “bright metallic” powder coat finish, which looks much like a plated finish at a fraction of the cost.

4) The History.  I’ve posted a few times about L.C. Norton and the invention of the door closer.  LCN has been located in Princeton, Illinois since 1949, and has a very rich and interesting history.  You can read about it here!

5) The Products.  When I started working for MPS, I worked for my current boss, Harris Parsons, his brother (one of our VPs), Reyn Parsons, and their dad, Harris Sr.  Harris Sr. was the LCN rep for decades, and “the boys” came to work with him around 1980.  Let me tell you…the three of them could go on for days about the cast iron closer bodies (with free graphite for lubrication), forged steel arms, double-heat-treated pinions, Double-D slab drives, Liquid X all-weather fluid, full-compliment bearings, non-critical adjustment valves, chrome silicon springs…once they got going there was no stopping them.  Well, today’s LCN closers have all of the features that made the Parsons so excited back in the day.  Just ask “the boys” and they’ll tell you all about them.  🙂

You can download the current calendar pages by visiting the download page, and register to receive future pages and Promo Day reminders via email on the registration page.  Enjoy!

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