I think I may need therapy. I was looking for a specific photo on my phone and here’s what I found instead.  As I was taking almost all of these photos, there was a friend, child, or stranger looking at me like I was weird.  🙂

A blocked exit at the craft show in the high school gym:

Same high school, cross-corridor door.  I guess nobody told them that they could change the levers to classroom function:

Missing rods at a birthday party venue:

A wicket door in a kids’ store dressing room:

Swing-clear hinges to increase the clear opening width at the bakery/cafe:

A “reasonable accommodation” gone wrong at the bagel shop:

A blocked exit at the dance studio, where I put my low-voltage wiring skills to work switching out a blown speaker and earned the adoration of 30 sweaty Zumba-ladies:

A banquet room where I played Code Jeopardy with 35 locksmiths, with the exit width and height restricted:

A 5′ cross-corridor pair that had been changed to an unequal pair:

A coat hook used as a pull in a random unidentified ladies room stall:

Very short doors with a “custom” open back strike:

Either a very short door or very tall kids (the middle one isn’t mine):



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