Which product application do you use when you have doors that open back-to-back and need to close upon fire alarm?  I was just explaining my preferred option to a specwriter last week, and then these photos arrived…perfect timing!

When I have a door on an electrified hold-open that opens against the wall, I prefer to use a wall-mounted magnetic holder like the LCN SEM7800 series.  This product is very reliable and requires no maintenance if installed properly.  But when a wall-mounted magnetic holder can’t be used, I usually use an LCN 4040SEH hold-open track with an LCN 4111-Cush closer.  The Cush provides the required auxiliary stop, and the separate SEH track holds the door open until released by the fire alarm, at which point the 4111 closes the door.  The operation is the same as an LCN 4040SE closer/holder unit, except with the addition of the positive stop.  WWYD?

The problem:

The solution:

And here are some other creative attempts at solving this problem:

Thank you once again to Nolan Thrope of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies of Metro-NY, who obviously gets out more than I do and has generously offered a wealth of photos of various applications.  If you have photos of any creative hold-opens (or any other door photos you’d like to share), send them along!

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