I’m getting ready to teach a code class for the Massachusetts Locksmiths Association (anybody want to play Code Jeopardy??) so I don’t have a lot of time to post tonight, but thanks to Bob Borson (Life of an Architect), Ginny Powell (A Cracked Door) and Martin Badke (Laux Myth…Thoughts From a Locksmith), I ran across a site mentioned on Twitter that will keep all of you door lovers entertained for most of the day.

These doors are unbelievably gorgeous:  The Greatest Step is Out the Door


Note: Since the site you are about to visit is not my site, I can’t control the language.  As pointed out by a very detailed detailer from DH Pace (thank you!), there’s at least one word that I don’t let my kids use (“That’s a Mommy-word, not a kid-word!”).  And speaking of detailers – I started my career as a detailer and here’s a photo of the company I worked for at the time – HCI/Craftsmen in Winooski Vermont.  I’m the young chick behind John Gant (now one of my specwriters), who is standing next to Bill Lawliss (currently our sales manager).  We go way back.

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