Can you believe I’m STILL attending town meeting 3 nights per week for 3 hours each?  This was our 10th night and it will take a few more to get through all of our warrant articles.  I’m sorry if I’ve been less productive than usual – I’m spending my blogging hours doing my civic duty.  Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.  🙂

I took this photo of our town hall entrance tonight.  The town hall holds around 2,000 people, by the way.  The chain is plastic, which seems strange to me.  Is that so if the doors were chained and there was a real emergency, the chain would eventually break?  The permanent padlock eye is classy, but leaving the padlock unlocked means that anyone could chain the doors if they wanted to cause a ruckus at town meeting.

I’m working on a post about luminous egress path markings, and another one on something I need your help with, so check back soon!

I’m also working on the revised code booklet during some of the more long-winded debates.  If you would like some copies when it’s ready, just leave a comment and I’ll make sure you get them hot off the press.  If you haven’t seen the code booklet before, it includes highlights of the building codes, fire & life safety codes, and accessibility codes pertaining to doors and hardware.

I think it’s pretty handy…how about you?

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