On our way home we had great weather while we were in the DC area, so we decided to stop at the zoo and let the kids get some of the crazies out.  The lions were my favorite…a pride of 2 lionesses, 1 lion, and 7 cubs – just gorgeous.  I could have watched them all day.  At one point a lioness went to the door and I thought maybe she could smell food or hear someone making preparations.  Apparently big cats can open doors, because the knob had a shield around it.  The door in the tiger exhibit was the same, except that the tigers must be more impatient because instead of waiting and watching they’re trying to dig their way in (see below).




The tigers’ door:


Some other doors at the zoo…here’s one way to avoid dealing with those pesky screw holes when removing defective closer bodies.  Just leave the old closers in place.  Who’s gonna notice??



The architects I work with would never let me get away with this detail:

20110424-092817.jpg 20110424-092826.jpg

A gate with gigantic strap hinges, a door out of service, and another bad detail:

20110424-092723.jpg 20110424-092835.jpg


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