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Feb 04 2010

Come Here Often?

Category: Costa RicaLori @ 3:58 pm Comments (2)

If you visit this blog on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed that there’s been a brief lull in posts. I could blame technical difficulties, illness, writer’s block, or a natural disaster, but the reality is that I’ve been preparing to go on vacation. A real vacation where my cell phone doesn’t work. Hard to believe, I know. Those of you who are getting ready to point out that it’s not a real vacation if I take my netbook with me can just hush.

Normally when I’m having a really busy week I will at least post some funny photos or a quick tip to let you know that I’m still alive, but since I’ve been in the middle of the series about fire door basics and those posts take quite a while to create, I’ve just been trying to finish the next one in between hardware emergencies. Why are there so many hardware emergencies right before a vacation?! I’ve gotten 5 new projects THIS WEEK – a great sign especially in this economy, but it made it tough to finish my post about Rule #2.

So now I have 3 options. Try to work on the fire door series poolside (or volcano-side), put the blog on vacation until the end of next week, or take a break on the fire door rules and tell you about my trip. My travel companion votes for Option #3…I think she just wants to get famous.  Based on the great feedback I had during (and after!) Chip Falcon’s Road Trip, I’m guessing that you might like to take a little virtual vacation, so we’ll go with Option #3. Here goes…

A few years ago, my friend Sherry and I were both looking ahead to our 40th birthdays, and we planned a week-long trip to Costa Rica. Then I got a little surprise (the smallest curly-headed kid in a few of Chip’s photos), so we postponed our trip indefinitely. We recently decided to just go for it – there will never be a perfect time when our schedules are clear and we’re flush with cash. So here we are, on our way to Costa Rica via Atlanta. In-flight WiFi? Who knew?? OK…probably plenty of you knew. It’s been a while since I’ve flown anywhere. I used to travel A LOT – I think I’ve been to 12 African countries, but the kids have definitely had an impact on that (Sherry has 3 kids too).

I can’t promise that we’ll see a ton of doors on this trip, but Sherry’s an architect so she’s supportive of my investigations. So far all we’ve seen are airport doors, and I don’t usually take photos of doors in airports for obvious reasons. Since we’re on the subject of trips, please leave a comment and let me know if you enjoyed or learned anything from my posts about Chip Falcon’s Road Trip. I have an idea for another road trip this summer but it would be nice to get some feedback from readers to help gauge your interest.

Pura Vida!!

2 Responses to “Come Here Often?”

  1. Bob Caron says:

    I enjoyed seeing Chuck install Chip on the Library Door.

  2. Dana says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Chip’s travels and his features.
    Also, how many times you could find references to falcons during your trip.

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