I swear, this blog is not going to become a collection of photos that can be found elsewhere on the web, but since two people sent me this photo today and it’s pretty horrible, I just have to post it.  It’s another one from thereIfixedit.com, which is a really funny collection of weird stuff that people do to try to fix things.

This store obviously has good taste in exit alarms (that’s a Von Duprin Guard-X), but is this the best they could do for a closing device?  I’m speechless.  At least it’s easy to adjust, right?  Just add or remove bungee cords to adjust the closing force and closing speed at the same time.

Bungee Closer

Speaking of closing speed adjustment, I saw the closer below today when I was getting my oil changed.  At first I thought the thing on the right was a wire, so of course I had to check it out.  It’s a permanently installed allen wrench, so the closer can be adjusted frequently.  That’s a sure sign of a closer without all-weather fluid…

Chilly morning?  Speed it up so it’s not creeping!  Sunny day?  Slow it down and stop that slamming!

Allen Wrench

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