Two of my defining projects as a hardware consultant have been the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas.  One of our other specwriters, Greg Thomson, currently has two museum projects in progress – the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard.

Security PlanMuseums are not easy to specify hardware for because of the aesthetic preferences, security concerns, and code requirements. There are probably lots of ways that museums are difficult, but in case you haven’t noticed, I have a pretty tight focus.  Because museum projects tend to be somewhat high-maintenance, I’ll be handling most of them for our office in the future.  I guess I’ve had the most experience in the kid-glove treatment of architects with unusual requests.
(See how tactfully I handled that?  🙂 )

There’s a local museum that’s currently in the fundraising stage of a large renovation, and I’ve been there twice in the last two weeks for community events.  The current state of this museum leads me to believe that working on this renovation will be a whole new museum experience.

The building is about 100 years old and was at one time a public school.  In recent years they’ve done some creative repairs that would make an architect’s head explode.  I’ll give them kudos for trying, but hopefully I’ll get the chance to help them out eventually.  Until then, here are some of the existing conditions:

I don't usually "do" windows, but you've gotta love the Closetmaid window guards.Creative Strike AttachmentThere's actually a strike made for this application.Bulletin BoardThe LCN potbellies still work!Wood wedge, doggable panic hardware, table in egress stair - oh my!PlexiglassI can't figure out what happened here?  What's the thing that looks like part of a pivot?The same as the other egress stair except a chain bolt instead of flush bolts.Chain Bolt Closeup

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