Someone emailed me last week to ask if Ingersoll Rand was hiring.  Good question – it’s been a really long time since I’ve perused the want ads.  Back in 1987, I was laid off from my job as a draftsman for an aluminum storefront supplier and had to go on the hunt for a new job, but since then the jobs have usually found me.  The hardware business is very small, which is great because we all know each other, but sometimes it can be a little awkward.  About 10 years ago a recruiter called to ask if I was interested in a job, and not only did I know the person who currently held the job, he didn’t know he was leaving yet!  Yikes!

Ingersoll Rand CareersSo anyway, I checked out the Ingersoll Rand Careers page, and there are currently 637 jobs listed worldwide!  Unfortunately, there isn’t an opening for a full-time blogger operating from a beach in Costa Rica, but I’ll keep checking.  🙂

All kidding aside, check out the Careers page for information about the company, our brands, and our people.  You can also search for a job in a specific geographical area and category, and sort the available opportunities by business unit, location, and job title.  You can even apply online or register to receive future email alerts.

I’ve added a job search widget to the Ingersoll Rand Links tab, or you can go straight to the Careers page by clicking here or clicking the link in the sidebar. –>

There’s also a Facebook page for Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies Careers, so become a fan!

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