SchucoI have recently run into aluminum doors on a few different projects which have unusually small jambs – the jamb depth of the aluminum extrusion is very close to the door thickness.  So imagine a 2″ thick aluminum door and a jamb that is just a little wider than that.

It’s extremely difficult to use “typical” hardware on these doors, since the push side face of the frame is essentially flush with the push side face of the door.  This affects closers, exit device strikes, electromagnetic locks, and probably other products that I haven’t had issues with yet.

The hinges are usually supplied by the manufacturer, but on all of the projects where I’ve seen these doors, the architect wanted to use US-made hardware to match the rest of the building.  I went into a building the other day where I had communicated several times that the specified hardware wouldn’t work with the flush frame, and I saw the application below.  Ouch.

Flush Frame

Jamb detail courtesy of Schuco.

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