It’s been a while since I’ve given anything away, but it’s a new year and I feel the need to celebrate the upcoming 1-year anniversary of this site and the approaching milestone of hosting visitors from 100 COUNTRIES! It still amazes me that hardware haters (and hardware lovers) worldwide are using this site as a resource!!  I look at the stats daily to see what people are searching for when they arrive on the site, and I can see the countries of origin for many of the IP addresses.  There are also quite a few IP addresses with “unknown” countries, so I’m sure there are other countries who have visited, but so far I’ve counted 95 different countries.

The stats are really helpful in guiding my posts.  If I see a lot of people searching for a particular topic, or trying various search terms within my site’s search box, I move that topic closer to the top of my to-do list.  When I write a new post and then see search engines directing searchers to my site, I know that I chose a useful topic.

People occasionally arrive at my site searching for a person’s name (kinda spooky), often by Googling “I HATE HARDWARE,” and sometimes searching for the answers to life’s really important questions:

What can I use to cover the ugly chain

Panic hardware good looking?

Can you chain doors under the fire code?

Shelley, why do you hate me?


And then there was this guy, whose search led him to my post about naked door closers and the new LCN snap-on cover.

I’ll bet he was at least a little disappointed.  😉

Stats - No Cover Ups


So here’s how you can win some sort of Ingersoll Rand paraphernalia which I have not yet selected.

1) Check out the list of 95 countries from which people have accessed this site.

2) Leave a comment (if you don’t see a comment box below, click here and scrolling down) with the name of up to 5 additional countries that you think will access the site next and get us to the 100-mark.

3) If at least one of the countries you listed is correct, I’ll send you something (Harris is going to kill me!).  It won’t be a free Chexit device or Senior Swing so don’t get too excited, but it will be kind of fun.  I can already feel the productivity of the entire door and hardware industry screeching to a halt.  🙂

I will hold all of the comments until we get to the 100th country.  Keep in mind that the country information isn’t included for every IP address, so calling your buddy in Botswana and telling him to visit the site won’t necessarily make you a winner.  Please include your correct email address so I can contact the winners.  Good luck!

Here’s a visitor map that may help with the guessing.  The white countries have not yet visited:

Visitor Map

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