It’s been 40 days since I’ve mentioned a ladies room, and I just saw an application that I can’t resist posting about.

I played hooky today with my daughter and a friend to go see a production of Wicked at the Providence Performing Arts Center.  We arrived as the show was about to start, but we made a quick detour to the restroom where we found a pair of doors with a mullion and PANIC HARDWARE leading out of the bathroom.  Granted, this was one of the biggest bathrooms I’ve ever seen, but I doubt that it would a) be considered an assembly occupancy, b) have an occupant load of more than 50 (RI is currently using IBC 2006), or c) require a pair of doors. The doors had magnetic holders to hold them open during the peak rush, so what it lacked in privacy it made up in efficiency.

I spent most of the show trying to figure out how I could go back and take photos of the doors without someone calling Security on me, and when I returned after the show they had closed down one bathroom area but didn’t lock it.  I slipped in and took the photo below as evidence.

Panics on bathrooms…wouldn’t it make more sense to provide fast and easy access INTO the bathroom instead of out of it?  😉

Restroom with Panics


Exterior The Curtain Interior Pull Side Push Side

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