I’m sure that some of you remember the family road trip I took last summer, and the fact that I took along a Falcon exit device, nicknamed Chip Falcon. If you missed it, or if you just want to see the Doors of Colonial Williamsburg again, here’s a link to the series.

Since we returned in August, Chip has been waiting patiently in my office for me to find him a permanent home.  When my friend and mentor, Bill Elliott, asked me to price a panic device for the library in his new hometown, I knew it was a match made in heaven.  Well, almost.  Since the library door was wider than 3′, Chip had to be modified to have a wider touchpad, but he survived the procedure and was installed last Friday.

Thanks to Chuck Gulla, Bill Lawliss, and Bill Elliott, the Freedom Public Library now has a code-compliant front entrance.  Here are some photos from the big day:

P1010033 Chuck Drilling 4 Installation Holes

IMG00080-20091211-1147 P1010055

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