A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about Urban Exploration – the art/hobby of exploring abandoned or off-limits buildings, tunnels, etc. One of the urban explorers that I struck up a conversation with sent me a link to these photos which I thought were pretty interesting.

This is a freezer door, and apparently there was some concern that a person could become locked inside of the freezer. Their plan was to create a space on the wall (marked with the red border) that someone could cut through in an emergency.  This “solution” comes complete with an emergency signal that you can activate from inside the freezer, an emergency axe stored in the freezer, and plenty of signage to explain how to get through the wall.

There’s no way I’d ever be going in that freezer!

Freezer DoorFreezer 2


Freezer 4 Freezer 3 Freezer 5

Photo Credit: Max Action

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