img_1284We continued our road trip yesterday with a visit to the zoo and a drive through Amish Country.  A stop in Paradise confirmed that they could use some Falcon 24/25 exit devices out there, and Chip’s up to the challenge.  As I’ve said before, I’m very picky about which products I specify, and after taking this new device apart and learning more about it I would be comfortable specifying it for a school project, especially when the budget is tight.

img_1295Chip’s presence in the back of our car is obviously rubbing off…when we stopped at the Strasburg Railroad, both my husband and my 8-year-old daughter pointed out a couple of doors with panic hardware and asked me if they were Falcon devices (they weren’t).  We saw the door on the right at a very busy Amish restaurant, which illustrates the advantages of a flush end cap.  It’s amazing how often you see this particular problem in the field.

There was plenty of work for Chip at the zoo too.  The application on the pair of doors below has the same problem as a pair of doors with an overlapping astragal.  On my way out of the snack bar I tried to exit through the left-hand reverse door (the one on the right in the photo), and you can’t open the door with the vertical rod panic if the other door isn’t already open.  The mismatched models and mounting height isn’t a code issue as long as the lower one is at least 34″ above the floor, but it sure looks ugly.

zoo-panics-1 zoo-panics-2

In my last post I promised that you could get involved in Chip’s Road Trip, and here’s how.  If you can correctly identify the woman in the bronze monument pictured below, leave a comment on this post.  I’ll hold the comments and at the end of Chip’s Road Trip I’ll randomly choose one entry from the correct answers and send the winner something from our prize vault.  Here’s a hint…she was the only civilian killed in one of the major battles of the Civil War, and we visited the national military park for this battle yesterday.  She was baking bread for Union troops in her sister’s kitchen, when a stray bullet pierced two wood doors and killed her.  To leave a comment, just click here and scroll down.


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