trafficI guess it’s only fair.  If my family welcomes the new Falcon exit device along on our summer road trip, it should have a name that’s a little easier for the kids to remember than 25-R-L.  The first thing we had to determine was the gender of our device.  Although boats and cars are generally female, apparently door hardware is typically male because it was unanimous.  Given the fact that the Falcon 24/25 has some similar features to his relative, the Von Duprin 98/99, and considering the absolutely horrendous names chosen by my kids, our device has been christened…Chip.  Chip Falcon. Sounds like a character Pierce Brosnan would play.

So after a LONG day of driving through a deluge and the resulting traffic (the dark lines on my Blackberry are the highways with speeds less – much less – than 25 miles per hour), we have arrived at the first stop on Chip’s journey – Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.  Tomorrow we’ll continue southwest and hopefully find some adventures for Chip and my family.  It’s my birthday so maybe there will be cake.  Cake makes any day a little better doesn’t it?  Even a day that contains 5-6 hours in the car with 3 kids.


In case you’re wondering what features Chip has in common with the Von Duprin 98/99 series, here are a few:

  • both are manufactured in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • flush endcap design minimizes damage from carts
  • some of the same components (ie. strikes) are used for both devices
  • aluminum mechanism tube with no exposed fasteners
  • stainless steel touchpad for resistance to wear
  • heavy duty lever trim with shear pin to protect against vandalism
  • plastic mounting templates for easier and more accurate installation
  • deadlocking feature standard for both product lines provides even greater security
  • shared engineering and technical support staff

In my next post there will be a way for you to get involved in Chip’s Road Trip, so check back soon!

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