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Back-2-Basics: Hinge Types and Applications

This afternoon I had an appointment for acupuncture, and as I was drifting off into a needle-induced temporary coma (if you haven’t tried it, you should!) I was thinking about what I should post for Friday.  Then I thought about how it seemed like such a short time between my Wordless Wednesday post and planning […]

Back-2-Basics: Lock Functions

When a hardware consultant writes a specification, it’s common practice to sit down and discuss the project with the architect, at least for the more complicated jobs.  The topic of lock functions seems to arise at almost all of those meetings – usually someone in the room needs a refresher on how the basic functions […]

Back-2-Basics: Panic Hardware

Panic hardware, also known as an exit device (or fire exit hardware when used on fire doors), is designed to provide fast and easy egress to allow building occupants to exit safely in an emergency.  Code publications define panic hardware as, “a door-latching assembly incorporating a device that releases the latch upon the application of […]

Back-2-Basics: Door Closers

Hello Readers!  This is my next “Back-2-Basics” piece…if there is anything I should add/change, please leave a comment.  And have a great week! [Click here to download a printable copy of this article.] The function of a door closer is not just to close the door; a good door closer will also control the door […]

Back-2-Basics: Handing 101

I have been asked about door handing SO MANY TIMES over the years…hopefully with your help we can address the questions once and for all. Leave me a comment if I forgot anything!

OTU (Openings Terminology for the Unenlightened) – Frames

This is SO COOL. I LOVE it. I know it probably seems like it doesn’t take that much to excite me, but when this hit my inbox, it really made my day…all because Dan Dateno of BR Johnson combined his sketching ability with his career in doors and hardware to illustrate alternate definitions for common door and hardware terminology.

Panic Hardware Basics (video)

Allegion has created several videos using the videoscribe format, including these two about panic hardware. Some of the code information in the “101” video is a bit general and I will eventually make a more in-depth video on this topic (I didn’t create the videos below), but what do you think of the format?

Lock Functions (video)

Last week I posted a couple of videos explaining some basic code requirements and terminology for panic hardware. The next videos in the series address a topic that I KNOW many architects and others struggle with (because I’ve personally explained it at least a thousand times) – lock functions…

Door Handing (video)

I have explained door handing hundreds of times during my career. I know some people still use the “butt-to-the-butts” method, but that doesn’t work for all door openings because it doesn’t take into account whether the door is inswinging or outswinging. I explained handing on this site a while back, but just to make it more fun…

Need CEUs? Training Alert!

On Thursday, November 12, my coworker (and old college friend!), Bill Lawliss, will be conducting webinars at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Eastern. Bill will cover Basic Hardware – products used to hang, secure, control, and protect the door. The webinar offers 1 CEU for AIA members and there is no charge to attend the class.

The Design-Bid-Build Process (video)

Here’s the last whiteboard animation video in the current “Intro to Door Hardware” series…about the design-bid-build process for new construction.

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