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Apr 25 2018

WW: Break Out

Category: Egress,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:36 am Comments (13)

I think these Wordless Wednesday photos may permanently affect my ability to speak.  Thank you to Jerry Davis of Allegion!

13 Responses to “WW: Break Out”

  1. Austin Bammann says:

    “Break glass but don’t sue us when you slice your hand up, please!”

  2. Peter Schifferli says:

    They Live Among Us!

  3. Kent Krauser says:

    Please provide a bigger hammer….I am in a hurry!

  4. Joel Niemi says:

    swing that little hammer hard to break the safety glazing AND don’t cut yourself on the edges!

  5. Chuck Park says:

    Prior to the lever lock, it may have had a knob lock with a glass jar over it. It seems unlikely that you would be instructed to break out that large window with that little hammer.
    There was one of those jars on a stairwell exit in an old residence building at the medical center I worked in.
    The other doors had the wind-up Best exit alarms with the breakable glass panels.

  6. Alan Itzkowitz says:

    Where’s the little (I mean huge) hammer on a chain.

  7. A.J. Vanhooser says:

    Hmmm….beyond the obvious issue…since it’s in a door, the glass is required to be safety glass of some sort. If it’s laminated safety glass, good luck getting through to the latchset.

  8. Jon Griswold says:

    Did they test at least once with the hammer to make sure it would break?

  9. David Barbaree says:

    This reminds me of the time that I was doing some demolition and tried to break a sheet of tempered glass with a sledgehammer. It’s not so easy. You have to hit it just right with the right amount of force.
    Good one, Lori! This made me laugh

  10. DAVID FEDERICO says:

    This is the obvious story of the the little hammer that could … Oh no wait thats the little train that could … I would imagine that the painter removed the fire alarm box on the wall in order to paint or prep the wall . perhaps there is an electric strike there we cannot see .ok too much thought my head hurts .lol

  11. Mary Gates says:

    Don’t get the floor dirty when you break that glass!

  12. David says:

    Ohhh … You can reverse the handing on a storeroom function lock? Who knew? I thought the lock had to be on the inside of the door.

    Report Card

    Problem Solving: A
    Creativity: A
    Life Safety: F

  13. rb says:

    Well at least despite requiring a special tool, they provided it. (kidding)

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