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Mar 23 2018

FF: Repurposed

Category: Egress,Fixed-it FridayLori @ 12:22 am Comments (4)

I saw this photo posted on the Fire and Life Safety Inspectors Facebook page, and I immediately asked Roy Thomas for permission to share it with y’all.  Is it just me, or does it seem like antique stores often have creative ways of deterring egress?  In this case, Roy said that this was done to prevent theft.  It looks like the door might even have panic hardware.

In case you’re new here…this is not code-compliant:

4 Responses to “FF: Repurposed”

  1. Cda says:

    They want you to do some impulse buying on your way out!!

  2. Vivian Volz says:

    How much more expensive is a fine than an alarmed egress system with a sign? Not to mention the cost of the precarious wheeled monstrosity in the way…

    In all seriousness, do fire marshals give out “fix-it tickets” to small businesses to encourage them to solve their problems right? Or just keep fining them for violations until they get the hint?

  3. Ken says:

    Hope the sprinkler system is not blocked up as well!


    Well Vivian there is a word I have not heard since I was a youngin… . But your right some of the inspectors just caution or ticket but seldom suggest a fix .. perhaps liability .

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