A long, long time ago (20+ years!) I was a detailer for a door and hardware distributor.  My job as a detailer was to do cost estimates for projects, prepare shop drawings, and eventually place the orders for the doors, frames, and hardware, along with any “specialties” on the project – toilet partitions, toilet accessories, projection screens, lockers, fire extinguisher cabinets, etc.  There were so many things to coordinate, and a thousand ways to screw something up in the process.

I’m sure I knew the answer to today’s question back when I was a detailer, but I haven’t been able to dig it out of whichever brain cell it’s stored in.  So here’s the question – for all of the current detailers or people who have better recall than I do…

How do you “hand” a communicating door?  Are the doors LH/RH?  Or LHR/RHR? 

If you’re not familiar with communicating doors, they are the doors that you often see between two adjoining hotel rooms.  There’s more information about communicating doors here, and a video about door handing here.



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