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Mar 02 2018

FF: Latch Retraction

Category: Fixed-it Friday,Panic HardwareLori @ 11:53 am Comments (6)

I received this photo from Mike Kugel of Allegion, who spotted this Fixed-it Friday modification in an airport(!).  In my experience, this is what happens when either:

  • Panic hardware is installed with the wrong function for the use of the opening
  • Fire exit hardware is installed without a means to hold the latch retracted

Where have you seen this type of “fix”?  What was the cause and what would have been a better solution (that didn’t involve tape and cardboard)?

6 Responses to “FF: Latch Retraction”

  1. Tom Whalen says:

    Should of used gray duct tape, would of blended in and hidden the cardboard 🙂

  2. Jerry Richmond AHC/CDC (retired) says:

    Looks like see-through fire-rated dogging. Once the plastic and cardboard melt/burn away… positive latching!

  3. Joel Niemi says:

    doesn’t fire-rated hardware have to latch every time the door closes?

  4. Peter Schifferli says:

    As we all know, or should; fire rated exit hardware is intended to keep fire doors latched at all times and thus has no dogging provision. Since egress is always possible, one can only assume that this jury-rigged solution was to allow entry from the opposite side. The proper solution of course, is to have operable trim or other means on the outside to retract the latch for lawful entry when desired.


    I see this all the time . Either the device is defective or damaged or as you have stated held back because it’s application is incorrect. I am appalled at the number of times I see this especially after a building has just had a fire inspection .

  6. Rich McKie says:

    We often see that when user groups are in our building after hours and they forget to request
    altered time zones on the access control. They generally use duct tape to tape the push bar down.
    The more nefarious types just remove the strike. If the custodian just does a visual rather that physically trying the door on his rounds that can lead to theft. When we have that happen at a school we generally go around and replace all of the strike screws with tamperproof screws.

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