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Oct 13 2017

FF: Latch Retraction

Category: Fixed-it Friday,Locks & KeysLori @ 12:24 am Comments (4)

I don’t know if this is a fire door, but it looks like it might have some sort of access-control lock. Unfortunately, convenience often prevails over fire protection and security.

Thank you to DJ Boschelli for sending today’s Fixed-it Friday photo!

4 Responses to “FF: Latch Retraction”

  1. Jim Elder says:

    This is why I specify LPS and door switches on my doors….

  2. Rich says:

    Alarm Lock DL2700 basic model. It can be put into passage mode from the keypad if they know how. This is the outer trim as no screws are visible on the face and it also has no “banana” plug port showing. I originally thought that the small red spot on the edge of the photo was the port, but the black one is always on the left. Picture is not mirror image as UL on latch is upside down but not backward. Still dumb.

  3. Joel Niemi says:

    Aesthetics be damned, eh? What, no brass washers or screws at the local hardware store?

  4. Louise says:

    Thank goodness it’s US3 finish. It’s not one of mine.
    If one our carpenters ever did something like this, or let it pass during door inspections, you’d be able to hear what I’m thinking from there.

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