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Sep 08 2017

FF: Hospital Door

What led to this “fix”?  Any theories?

(Hover your cursor over the first photo and use the right or left arrows to view each of the 4 images.)

Hospital door

Thank you to Estefano Pilonieta for the imgur link!

19 Responses to “FF: Hospital Door”

  1. Bob Caron says:

    That’s a beauty. Hard to tell from the pictures if the door would hit the soffit above when attempting to open it 180 degrees. They may have deactivated the overhead stop and trimmed the door to accomplish that.

  2. Cda says:

    They dropped the door and corner broke??

    Did not want to buy a new one?

  3. Austin B says:

    That’s a creative way to store a door wedge. Those pesky things are always getting lost or pitched by a fire marshall!

  4. lach says:

    The door looks really tight in the frame. Maybe they did that to have a saw blade’s wiggle room and glued the corner piece in so it looks like a full door when closed. Only a guess.

    • Keith K says:

      Yep lach I am with you I think this is some grossly incompetent individual’s way of repairing a door that was binding on the frame.

      I have seen some beauties but this one is a new favorite.

  5. Glen Buckner says:

    It looks like someone tried to glue the frame at the corner in photo 3, the adhesive stuck the door corner to the top of the frame.

  6. Cda says:

    Still wondering what the bolt is for?

  7. Todd Wyatt says:

    I’m wondering if the door was closed after the HM frame was painted, the corner stuck to the wet paint and stayed attached to the frame the next time it was opened. If the door is a corridor door and not a fire door, it only needs to resist the passage of smoke when closed. The Owner may have accepted this condition since it may technically meets the intent of the code.

  8. Rich says:

    My guess is close to Bob’s response. The door may rub against something in the corner when opened all the way and this is how they eliminated the bind. That 4th pic shows something at the height of the door that may have obstructed or caught the door. In any case, this is not a break, but a deliberate cut. And what is the sex bolt for?

    • Bob Caron says:

      Hi Rich – My guess is the sex bolt if for a surface mounted overhead stop, which is what led me to think that they wanted the door to open 180 and it hit the soffit above in the 4th photo.

  9. Frank Ehrman CPP PSP says:

    Frame out of square, door was hitting/binding at the top.
    Look close there is little to no margin just below the “repair wedge”, saw cut gave just enough clearance.

    Good to go….NOT!

  10. Daniel Poehler says:

    I agree with both Lach and Kieth, and think the cut was a thoughtless use of a circular saw. Instead of taking a wafer thin slice from the edge, the operator lined up with the wrong notch on the saw’s base plate. By the time the blade came into view, it was too late. Saws have two notches: one for making 90 degree cuts and one for angled cuts. The inexperienced operator used the wrong notch for alignment.

  11. Keith Staples says:

    The correct way to fix a broken hospital door is with… a Band-Aid.

  12. Cda says:


    What is the answer ????

  13. Cda says:

    You are the expert!!!

  14. JAMES says:

    I think the installer broke the door corner handling the door, tried to glue it together didn’t use tape and closed the door. the “squeeze out” from the super glue then glued the toothpick to the frame and BLAMMO

  15. Dale Reisfield says:

    I want to see the rest of the sign that starts out “OPEN DOOR WITH CAUTION”, me thinks there is a clearance problem when the door is opened.

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