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Jun 21 2017

WW: (Don’t-)Pull Station

Category: Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:39 am Comments (9)

Leo Lebovits of M&D Door & Hardware sent me this Wordless Wednesday photo taken in an assembly occupancy.  I’m not an expert on pull stations, but this just doesn’t look right to me…

9 Responses to “WW: (Don’t-)Pull Station”

  1. cda says:

    The fire marshal must have required a double action manual pull!!!

    So the fix

    Looks like got pulled once to often and instead of doing a legal fix, they made one up

  2. Roger says:

    Looks like a GC fix the strap looks like it was snipped from a HM WSA.

  3. Terry Crump, FDAI says:

    I’m just curious…Who are we protecting when do we not mention the location of egregious safety violations such as this?

  4. Austin B says:

    At least it’s plastic and not steel!

  5. Jonathan Taylor says:

    Oh, this model just includes heat detection; after the strap melts you can activate it.


  6. Pete Schifferli says:

    STI offers various models of code compliant protectors to deter malicious or accidental pull station activation.

  7. Jamo says:

    Jonathan, like your thinking. Using the strap as a fuseable Link.
    guess instructions say, ” In case of fire, remove phillip head screws located on each side of box at end of strap, securing the pull lever, remove strap and pull lever.” then run like hell

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