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Jun 23 2017

FF: Upside-Down

Category: Electrified Hardware,Fixed-it FridayLori @ 12:24 am Comments (11)

I have seen this many times with mechanical lever trim for panic hardware, but I have never seen this…

Thanks to Greg Kelly of Allegion for this Fixed-it Friday photo!

11 Responses to “FF: Upside-Down”

  1. Ian Greene says:

    Ha ha ha……… well they are handed…… They were probably told “We sent you the right locks. Just install them!!!”

  2. Jack Ostergaard says:

    Gives a new meaning to Left Hand Reverse. Also gotta love the orange version power transfer system.

  3. Larry Young says:

    One side for short, sorry, vertically impaired people, and one for tall people. This limits anyone having to stretch to far.

  4. Vince Black says:

    Brings a tear to the eye.

  5. Richard McKie says:

    Now that’s an LOL. Thanks for making my Friday!
    On most hardware I would assume that the first thing the (unqualified) installer did was
    throw away the instructions (Usually along with the fastener pack!)
    With installation of the CO/AD locksets being rather involved I have to assume that he was in too big a hurry to read the section on changing hand of the lockset…Which isn’t difficult for crying out loud!
    In the words of Bugs Bunny-What a Maroon!

  6. Anthony Wan says:

    If only the installer read the instructions on how to change the handing….

  7. Rick says:

    I think the trim may be the least of their worries if that bottom rail cuts into a conductor on the extension cords under the door. on a metal door, the person grabbing the door handle will become the path to ground. That is scary.

  8. Austin B says:

    Isn’t the CO-200 field reversible?

  9. Derrick Riding says:

    Mechanical or electronic the instructions are not read by installers who “know” how to install hardware

  10. David Federico says:

    Got to love those non handed lever units . As they say “where there is a will.” Or is it “necessity is the Mother of all inventions”?

  11. Louise says:

    Only one is SFIC.
    Is it possible that these are temporary doors?
    It looks like the area is under construction.

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