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Jun 09 2017

FF: Electric Strike Prep

For today’s Fixed-it Friday photo, how about a little before-and-after action from Jimmy Resedean Jr. of A Better Door and Window Co.?

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6 Responses to “FF: Electric Strike Prep”

  1. Paul Anderson says:

    I truly hope that is not on a rated Fire Door Frame.

  2. Mark Williams says:

    Just the way the installation instructions and templates laid it out…… :-0


    Wow that’s the difference between a butcher and a baker …no offence of course . .. perhaps I should say a professional and a novice ….

  4. Ron Howard says:

    Wow, am I really the only one that want to know exactly what is going on here? Is this prep in a mullion? What type of lock is being used? There is nothing in my world that works with the before or after!

  5. Russ Hickman FDAI says:

    Looks to be some kind of cased opening or mullion, there is no ASA prep for the strike. Two completely different strike applications, looks like a little DHI class time is in order!

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