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Jun 30 2017

FF: Double-Strength Holding Power

Category: Fire Doors,Fixed-it Friday,Hold-OpensLori @ 12:15 am Comments (4)

When Deputy Jeff Tock of Allegion sent me this Fixed-it Friday photo of double kick-down holders, I knew what you would ask.  So I made him go back and take a photo of the label.  Yes, it’s a fire door.  The extra holder was probably needed because of the closing force – typically a size-3 closer for a 3-foot-wide interior fire door.

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4 Responses to “FF: Double-Strength Holding Power”

  1. Keith Staples says:

    “Trained” staff know they must close this door in the event of an emergency. (I’m joking)

  2. jutzi says:

    Another Bill Elliott spec…………….

  3. Robert says:

    Those are hold open DEVICES that are AUTO closer’s that work with the Fire Alarm – they close if there is an Alarm – those are used on most fire doors and this is a great sample of hard work – Right – Not in our world right everyone –

  4. Jill says:

    Looks like 2 more holes below the smaller one. Either the first on wasn’t put in the right place or it’s a replacement. And I could have sold them the rubber tip only instead of a new holder. But all I all not a place for a kick down.

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