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Jan 27 2017

FF: Flipped

Category: Fixed-it Friday,Locks & KeysLori @ 12:33 am Comments (24)

This is the outside of a door leading to a single restroom in a well-known sandwich shop chain.  Anybody see the problem?

24 Responses to “FF: Flipped”

  1. Cda says:

    Thumb turn on outside

    Wonder what is on the inside??

  2. loren brandford says:

    Room identifying sign should not be on the door, it’s dangerous where it is.

    Also, something is clearly blocking the maneuvering space over on the right, and that deadbolt is just a world of trouble.

    Seems like that paper sign’s info should also be in braille, and maybe tactile characters.

    I don’t see any problem with the lever, so that’s good.

  3. Jeff Tock says:

    No Braille on the second sign?

    • Giles Kalvelage says:

      Good catch, Jeff. As a healthcare safety and security manager for a good many years, that would have been my answer, too. 🙂

  4. Leo says:

    The thumb-turn for the Dead bolt is from the outside!

  5. Moses Lefkowitz says:

    Does the Dead Lock have a Thumb Turn on the Inside as well?
    If Not = People will be Locked inside.
    If Yes = Anyone can open it.

  6. Moses Lefkowitz says:

    Having a Latchset and Deadbolt Violates Egress Code of One Operation to Egress.

  7. AJ says:

    Just lock the person inside the bathroom from the hallway, no big deal..

  8. Tony Calistro says:

    Just maybe the turn piece is a classroom function where the bolt can be retracted and not thrown? Maybe there are turn pieces on both sides? The counter on the right side is higher than vanity height indicating that we are looking at the outside, if so there isn’t enough clearance between the door and the counter to meet ADA???

  9. Raymond Holman, AHC says:

    Ditto the previous comments. Assuming the deadbolt is thumbturn both sides, why is it even there? I see a privacy lock below but the whole deadbolt thing is odd, to say the least. It also seems odd to me that a restaurant is allowed to have a single-stall, unisex restroom. I get from the note that the restaurant is an extension of the gas station but….

  10. Dennis says:

    OOPS, MY Bad, just deadbolt on backwards. what can i say it’s Friday….

  11. Bryan McKeehan says:

    Without a pic of the other side I will say it is a DIY privacy deadbolt with a thumb turn inside as well.
    Slows down those who don’t knock.
    Might be a couple of mortise thumbturns in a cylindrical type of deadbolt that uses mortise cylinders.

  12. Rich says:

    Sounds like everyone has had a rough week and are a bit punch-drunk! 🙂

  13. John Dalrymple says:

    I can’t believe they used Antique Brass finish – that is so 70’s (last century, not temperature).

  14. Joel Niemi says:

    “and if you don’t use those other restrooms, we will lock you up in this one”

  15. Eric says:

    What about approach clearances around the door?

  16. Vincent Chestnut says:

    Why is the room identifying sign on the door dangerous?
    It’s not a fire door.

  17. John Borchmann says:

    Looks like the picture is from inside the restroom. I see what looks like a vanity on the right side of the picture. If so, either the sign is on the wrong side, or its just to remind customers where they are so they can tidy up before exiting.

  18. Rich says:

    sorry folks, I disagree to some extent. The outside thumb turn is wrong, but it is positioned in a non working alignment and has to be non functional. If this is a standard screw in mortise thumb turn, it cannot operate the lock from the position it is in. The cam mounted in the one o’clock position would not hit the appropriate pieces inside the lock to move anything. I suppose that there could be some model of slam latch mortise device that the thumb turn could retract the latch with this orientation, but that would be wordless Wednesday material and really confusing.

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