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Dec 09 2016

FF: Unhinged

Category: Fixed-it Friday,Hinges & PivotsLori @ 12:57 am Comments (14)

I wasn’t sure whether this should be a Wordless Wednesday photo or a Fixed-it Friday photo.  It looks like the holes for the hinge screws were stripped, so the wrap was added – but that doesn’t add a whole lot of strength to the installation.  These are the main entry doors to a hotel ballroom.  :\



Thank you to American Building Supply for the photos!

14 Responses to “FF: Unhinged”

  1. Charles a says:

    Maybe wrong hinge pin?

    Also wonder if it is a rated door?? That needs replacement


    Have you done an article on automatic door openers on Rated doors?

  2. Dwight says:

    By the looks of the frame, veneer on the edge and the hinges…. this door has had a very hard life.

  3. Carl says:

    GLK product # HSP100W Would have been a little better fix.

  4. Cathy Kopp says:

    Such a welcoming entrance to a ballroom (insert sarcasm here). Makes you wonder what other joys are in store for you once you enter?!!

  5. David says:

    Hotel Transylvania?


    You really got to love just how cheap corporations are when they won’t fix or replace doors like this … But boy oh boy they certainly have a lot of money when the liability suit settles .. I wonder if they loose the ability to get insurance after a claim or they just tack that cost onto your hotel bill

  7. Daniel Poehler says:

    The real culprit appears to be the door itself – a plastic laminate clad wood door without proper solid core preps for the hinges. You can see the foam core where the laminate strip has fallen off the hinged edge of the door. Both door and hardware should be replaced with new. Perhaps time for a complete renovation.

  8. Richard Wright says:

    i have used half surface hinges in the case of stripped hinge screws, then used a filler blank to go where the hinge cutout was, on rated and non rated doors, this has happened several times in our new construction that we went thru, i didnt catch on the drawings and swing clear hinges were used, JUNK! but oh well. back to hinge, i hope that it doesnt void the rating on the door, i dont think it would because you are filling the vacant place with a filler plate. would love to ask a person in the KNOW, rather than just getting it should be answers.

  9. Mike Elia says:

    That door looks like it has a mineral core and it looks like it was torn off the hinges at some point. Even the top frame appears separated. Naturally both should be replaced, but some poor maintenance guy got stuck with the job to ‘fix it’.

  10. Michael Pedersen says:

    Is this door salvageable? Is this a case of reinforcing the hinge stile and replacing the hinges? Or is this a write-off, and they’d be better off installing a new door?

  11. Blake Nelson says:

    Half-surface butts, or a full surface continuous would’ve been a lot better fix. Assuming a non-rated door, and they couldn’t be talked into replacing the door and butts.

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