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Nov 28 2016

What’s Next?

Category: General InfoLori @ 12:07 pm Comments (7)

shutterstock_277515278This week I’m headed to our office in Carmel, Indiana, and one of the things I’m going to work on is the plan for 2017.  Since I get most of my good ideas from the readers of iDigHardware, I’d like to ask you…what should I work on next?

Of course I will continue to post something new each weekday, I’ll revise the code reference guide when the new edition of ICC A117.1 is released, and I’ll keep working on the code change proposals that are currently going through the code development process.  But what else would help you?

Here are some ideas that have been suggested…

  • Podcasts that discuss current codes and upcoming changes.
  • An app that includes a checklist of code requirements with links to more information.
  • A reference book about code requirements related to door openings – in hard copy and ebook format.
  • Expansion of the website’s focus beyond codes to include more information about products and applications.
  • Additional videos which examine a particular section of a code or standard.
  • More classes – on-demand, webinars, or taught in-person by Allegion personnel.
  • Something else?  Any particular topics I should work on?

It would be really helpful if you’d share some of your thoughts in the comments, so I know what you need.  Be as specific as you can – and thank you!!

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7 Responses to “What’s Next?”

  1. Michael Glasser says:

    Hi Lori – Thanks for your great site. Perhaps a library of of real life cases where door hardware either saved a life or lost a life. While it may get a bit gruesome, you’ve posted a handful of articles which have demonstrated these issues. Loss of property may also have potential, but life seems to have the most impact. For example, I’m currently searching for examples of lost life caused by magnetic locks (assuming incorrect setup, people being trapped, doors not latching that should, etc) and electric strikes (fail-safe on fire stairwells, etc). Your site is already a wonderful reference and I would love to see this added. Thank you! Mike

  2. Lisa says:


    Happy Thanksgiving and good luck planning for next year.
    Many Architects for small commercial projects want to know why they need an AHC. I’m assuming they are naive, young professionals, who have never assembled hardware sets. Do you have a go-to document I could send them? Something like “My AHC saved my bedtime, my budget, and my butt”?

  3. Timothy Perry says:

    Hello Lori, thank you for a great website, the value of your education is awesome. I learn something new everyday.

    I would like for the videos to this link- to available as downloadable podcasts, so I can watch/listen to them whilst I am travelling… on the go 🙂

    Kindest regards from Singapore


  4. David Barbaree says:

    My team and I were just discussing the need for some formal education from manufacturers on installing and servicing there hardware. You have a few videos showing some of those techniques but how about a formal factory certification program?

  5. Grant Heppes says:

    Podcast Please!

  6. Bruno Côté says:

    Lots of great ideas, I thought myself the online courses were great and would love to have more.

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