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Aug 05 2016

FF: Inconsistent Mounting Strategy

Category: Door Closers,Fixed-it FridayLori @ 12:45 am Comments (20)

This was one of those photos from a recent road trip where the kids were like, “MOMMMMM…We just want a 5-dollar footlong!” and I was fixated on why these two closers would have different mounting locations for the shoe.  How did this happen?  Any theories?

Closer Mountings

20 Responses to “FF: Inconsistent Mounting Strategy”

  1. Leo says:

    I would say, they used some small screws it should install only in the wood casing, and the screw holes got torn out and they where looking where they can reinstall instead of using the right screws.

  2. Charles says:

    They were trying to avoid each hitting each other??

    The woman’s is correct and the man’s is wrong??

  3. Ryan Pfeiffer says:

    Hinge locations are different too, the woman’s only looks to be about 2-3″ top to top.

  4. Ian Greene says:

    I think it could have been some one inexperienced or also possible, an owner not wanting to give the ladies a full view into the mens room each time both doors are opened.

    Who knows? Simple fix either way.

  5. zekw says:

    Why not parallel arm?

  6. Jess the door closer doctor says:

    From seeing the arm position the men’s room closer is mounted backwards on door, i believe it may been a mistake or possibly mounted that way so the arms of the closers don’t interfere with eachother.

    Another reason was possibly spring tension was too high at the lowest setting and mounting the arm backwards just makes the geometry different and this makes it easier to open door.

    -Jess the door closer doctor

  7. Raymond Holman, AHC says:

    The reveal around the men’s room door looks pretty good but the women’s room door looks like it has a pretty good sag going on. Also looks like that top hinge has been moved, which is why it’s so high compared to the men’s room door. Screws pulled out? And do I detect some random unfilled holes on the men’s door and frame? I agree, why not parallel arm? It looks to me like a last ditch effort to salvage an opening that needs to be replaced.

  8. Al97233 says:

    Agreed. These should have been mounted parallel arm. It is a shame to have some nice looking panel doors with the closer arm stick straight out. My guess on the shoe position is that they were struggling to get the shoe to lay flat against the colonial trim so they chose to mount it higher.

  9. Tom Chin says:

    Maybe they were not in their right mind when installed. Possibly left side of brain doing all the thinking.


    Agree with Zekw. if we use a PA we can put these closer inside. with a bether look in corridor.

  11. James Slemmons says:

    Because, why aren’t these mounted on the push side with parallel arms?

  12. Glenn Younger says:

    Based on the 2 unfilled holes on the mens room door, my guess is that whoever installed these was learning on the job. Looks like they installed to the top left of the mens room door, then read the instructions. We can be shocked at the poor installation, or amazed that somoe one with no experience got a couple of closers on and at least working some what.

  13. WSM says:

    Yes, get parallel closers on those nice raised panel doors so they’re out of the public’s view and for God’s sake get those men & women signs off of the doors before someone gets hurt. Correct placement of men & women signs w/braille should be placed on the latching side of the door jamb and no higher than 60″ aff.

  14. Sheldon says:

    One installer was shorter than the other?

  15. Daniel Davis says:

    They didn’t provide reinforcement behind the casing and it eventually came off. Instead of doing it right and taking the trim off and add blocking they just went up to the header. My guess is the women’s restroom has yet to have the same issue.

  16. Paul says:

    Makeshift friction hold open

  17. Paul Goldense says:

    If I had a dime for every time I have seen a door closer mounted wrong, I could have retired a long time ago. Mens room is mounted backwards with the spring tube towards hinge but that still does not explain it all. If you look at the mens room door there are two puttied closer mounting holes next to the hinge. This is a great example or trial and error. I wonder what the door looks like under the full cover. The closer might be strategically placed to cover more installation errors.

  18. Rich says:

    The store manager is responsible for everything and not allowed to spend any money. High school part timer from the shop class did the work. The men’s was installed in the same orientation as the women’s ignoring the fact that they are handed opposite. The arm now travels in the wrong direction and the forces are all different. Installed by someone with no real closer or door knowledge. You can see the color difference on the women’s door where the hinge used to be until it got ripped out and remounted crooked to boot. I bet the privacy locks are grade 3 imports as well and loose on the doors. Wanna bet on whether the toilet seats are loose and the towel dispensers are broken.

  19. DAVID FEDERICO says:

    All good guesses but I would have to say that the top jamb (header) probably had no wood support and so they went above it to find some meat to screw into .. It would have been best to install these PA parallel arm mount always the strongest and neatest installation. However they may have already been installed by an inexperienced person so they retrofitted it the best way they knew how.. .. bad for them good for whomever they call in future to fix it . I call this a FIAT job…Fix it again Tony ..

  20. Joel Niemi says:

    at least they had enough pride in their level of craftsmanship to put putty in the un-needed holes

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